All About Military Calling Cards

When you have a loved one stationed overseas, one option to keep in touch with them involves buying special military calling cards. These calling cards work at military bases all over the world, and allow soldiers to call home without building up expensive international phone bills, regardless of where they are stationed.

Using Military Calling Cards

When shopping for military calling cards you will find that there are a variety of options out there. You should keep in mind a number of factors:

– One of the more popular military calling cards is AT&T’s Global Prepaid card. This card is widely available at USO Centers, on-base vending machines in military bases, and online through the Military Defense and Air Force Exchange Service (MAFES) website.

– Calling cards purchased online often have more competitive rates than ones purchased over the counter. Still, pay attention to the features and rates of a specific card before making your decision.

– When choosing a military calling card, check for minute rounding. While one minute rounding is ideal, some cards have a rounding limit of three minutes or more. This means your four minute phone call could be billed as six minutes instead.

– Many calling cards have a per-use fee, which can take precious minutes off your conversations with loved ones. This can be avoided by buying several cards in smaller denominations so they can be used entirely in one call.

– Some military calling cards have drastically different rates depending on what type of phone you’re calling from. When choosing a calling card, consider whether it will be used from a payphone, cell phone, or other type of phone.

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